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Internet Compliance & the Internet Industry Association

Powercom Pacific is pleased to be a participant in the Internet Industry Association’s “Family Friendly ISP” program. Australian ISPs bearing this seal have agreed to comply with the IIA Content Codes of Practice. The Codes of Practice are registered with and monitored by the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA). For more information on the Family Friendly ISP program, please go to this page.

The Internet Industry Association established the Content Codes of Practice in response to the content regulation legislation that has been enacted by the Australian Federal Government, which seeks to prevent access to inappropriate content by people under the age of 18 years of age. To read the code visit this IIA link.

Cybersmart provides activities, resources and practical advice to help young kids, kidsteens and parents safely enjoy the online world.

Cybersmart also offers training and resources for schools and materials for library staff.

Developed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, Cybersmart is part of the Australian Government’s cybersafety program.


Scheduled Filters and Contact Details

How to Obtain a Scheduled Filter

The IIA has compiled a list of scheduled filters. We have listed some of them below. Some of the filters are more suitable for family use while others are intended for businesses. Please note that the filter providers may charge fees for the use of their product.

IIA Scheduled Filters

Safe Eyes
Pure Sight
Content Keeper
Trend Micro Internet Security
Netbox Blue

More Information can be found here at the IIA website.

Before you install any of these applications you may wish to visit some of the following sites which provide more detail on the filtering situation, and how to handle looking after your children on the Internet:

  • Child Safety On The Information Superhighway Discussion and guidelines regarding child safety on the Internet.
  • Cybersmart Kids “Cybersmart Kids Online is a community education project developed by the ABA with the objective of providing parents and children with information and tools to help them have a rewarding, productive and safe experience of the Internet.”
  • ABA/CSIRO Filtering Review The Australian Broadcasting Authority and CSIRO released a report on the effectiveness of Internet filter products. The report provides details on the performance of 14 products. Almost nine hundred web sites in 28 categories were used to conduct the tests.
  • Peacefire Censorware Pages Critical reviews of common filtering software
  • The Censorware Project Exposing the secrets of censorware since 1997
  • Safe Kids “Welcome to SafeKids.Com where you’ll find tips, advice and suggestions to make your family’s online experience fun and productive!”
  • Chat Danger Teaching parents about the issues associated with online Chat
  • Get Netwise Assistance for parents trying to understand the Internet
  • Disney Cybernetiquette Flash cartoons created by Disney to teach children how to be safe and polite on the Internet
  • Internet Industry Codes Of Practice The code created by the Internet Industry Association (of Australia) regarding Internet Content.

What if I wish to make a complaint about a site that I feel is innappropriate?

You have the right to complain about unsuitable sites to the ABA. To contact the ABA please go to or contact free call 1 800 22 6667.

Further Important Information for Internet Users:

Please click here for more information.

Mobile Device Accessibility

The Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative has resources for mobile phone and tablet apps designed to aid the disabled.

They can be found at