Traffic Management Policy

What is a traffic management policy?

Powercom Pacific reserve the right to implement traffic management policies to ensure minority of heavy users do not affect the service for the majority of users on the network. It is known that 5% of users account for around 70% of data downloaded at peak times. This obviously impacts the majority of users and as such we reserve the rights to traffic manage specific customers download speeds during peak periods to improve the service for other users. The network is monitored daily on how much data users download during the peak times of the day. From this analysis we can identify the small number of users who are trying to download excessive amounts of data over a small period of time and the even smaller number of users who are downloading vast amounts of data constantly during peak times. Both types of behaviour can be at the detriment of service to the vast majority of users on the network. We reserve the right to traffic manage these users during peak times using one of the following policies depending on the behaviour of the customers in question.

To ensure that all users receive the appropriate level of service at peak times we will limit customers who have downloaded an excessive amount of data during a one hour period of the peak time frame. These customers may be limited on a one off basis to 512Kbit/s for the remainder of the peak period for that day or month depending on their plan. The peak period is specified by plan type and may vary from time to time. What is the ‘Application Management’ and how it works? During peak periods, we also reserve the right to manage the amount of bandwidth allocated to certain applications (such as Peer-to-Peer file sharing) and we refer to this process as ‘Application Management’. Controlling the amount of bandwidth allocated to certain applications facilitates the best possible experience for the majority of users on the network. Powercom Pacific only apply this to applications whose operation is not time-critical as part of our acceptable usage policy. Will the traffic management policy change? We may from time to time need to review traffic management and how we apply this across our network so that the majority of users receive the best possible internet service. Any changes to traffic management policy will be reflected in this document and will be published on our website. We reserve the right to modify this traffic management policy at any time without prior notice and solely at our own discretion.

Unlimited WEB ONLY Traffic Management Further Information

Powercom Pacific will traffic moderate users on Unlimited Web plans during peak times depending upon the behavior of the customers in question. Listed below is the specific traffic management rules that will be applied if required.

All Unlimited Web Plans Provision
Traffic Management Period Daily 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
Excessive usage time during Traffic Management Period 60min
Excessive data used during 60min time period > 500MB
Penalisation Traffic is marked as “expendable”
Penalisation Period Maximum 6 hours